Our Sole Focus: HMOs

No Sales. No Single Lets. HMOs Only

HMO Expertise

We believe in the importance of hyper-specialisation and the true value of being the best at one thing; HMOs. We don’t handle sales. We don’t deal with single lets. We live and breathe HMOs only. From HMO Conversions to HMO Management, we have everything you need in one place.

HMO Conversions

We’ve successfully obtained HMO licenses in multiple London boroughs over the past decade. We specialise in transforming family homes into HMOs, ensuring compliance with local standards. Our comprehensive HMO conversion service includes HMO inspections, necessary alterations by skilled tradesmen, and handling HMO license applications.

HMO Lettings London

Convert your property into a HMO

HMO Lettings London

HMO Lettings

We let room by room to maximise your yield. Most letting agents won’t entertain the idea of letting your HMO room by room. They will just upload your property to Rightmove or Zoopla as they don’t know how to effectively market HMOs. We do.

Why let room by room?

Room Rents

Increase Income

Letting HMOs room by room can boost income by 10-25% vs letting as one unit.

Rent a Room

Reduced Voids

All individuals won’t vacate your property at the same time, there will always be rental income.

Room by Room letting

Less Hassle

HMO’s rented to groups of friends tend to attract anti-social behaviour, such as parties. HMOs let as individual rooms reduce this risk.

HMO Management

HMO management is a complex, often demanding endeavour, riddled with legal intricacies. Missteps could result in fines, prosecutions, or tenant issues. We ensure compliance, handle tenant disputes, and meet all HMO management regulations, granting you peace of mind.

HMO Lettings London

Dedicated HMO Management

High street agents might manage properties, but managing HMOs requires a different skill set, knowledge and experience. We understand this. Don’t settle for less; choose a dedicated HMO specialist.

We have the experience to anticipate problems before they happen

HMO Letting Agent Carl Evans

Carl Evans

Founder / CEO

With 10 years of London HMO experience, I’ll be your primary contact ensuring you are happy with the service we are providing you. 

HMO Property Manager

Mimi Alhambra

HMO Property Manager

My team ensures that your properties remain 100% HMO compliant throughout the term and that all tenants issues and renewals are seen to.

HMO Lettings

Raiani Goldberg

HMO Lettings Manager

My team will be marketing your property, adding a touch of je ne sais quoi to the adverts and drumming up as much interest as we can.



Office Mascot

Managing multiple HMO’s can be stressful, but not when you have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on your team!

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