Borough of Southwark

HMO Investment Guide

Investing in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) within the Borough of Southwark offers distinct advantages due to its wide-ranging locales and connectivity. This guide will highlight why certain areas within Southwark stand out as prime spots for HMO investments targeting young professionals, while also addressing licensing requirements crucial for lawful operation and profitability.

Geographical Diversity and Strategic Locations

Southwark spans from prime real estate areas in Zone 1 like London Bridge to more suburban settings in Zone 4 like Crystal Palace. This geographical diversity within the borough means that investment strategies can be finely tuned according to location-specific tenant demand. For investors, understanding which areas offer the best opportunities for young professional tenants is key to optimizing rental yields.

Prime Areas for HMO Investment

  • London Bridge and Borough: Located in Zone 1, these areas are at the epicentre of London’s business and cultural life, making them extremely popular with young professionals who prioritise proximity to the City of London.
  • Bermondsey: Known for its vibrant community and street markets, Bermondsey offers a mix of urban lifestyle with relatively affordable rental options, attracting a broad spectrum of young professionals.
  • Peckham: With its rich cultural scene and artsy vibe, Peckham has transformed into a trendy area that appeals to young professionals and creatives seeking a dynamic social environment.
  • Elephant and Castle: This area is undergoing significant redevelopment, increasing its appeal with new residential projects and amenities that cater well to both students and professionals.


Borough of Southwark

Borough of Southwark

Tenant Demographics

Southwark’s tenant base is notably diverse, hosting a dynamic mix of young professionals in sectors like tech, finance, and the arts, alongside students from local universities. Notably, both London South Bank University and King’s College London have campuses directly within Southwark, adding to the continuous demand for flexible and affordable housing solutions such as HMOs.

Licensing and Regulatory Requirements

Unlike many other boroughs, Southwark does not impose an Article 4 directive but requires that all HMO properties obtain a relevant licence. Depending on the size and type of HMO, landlords might need a Mandatory HMO Licence, an Additional HMO Licence, or a Selective Licence. Compliance with these licensing requirements is essential for legal operation and can significantly influence the success of your investment. To assist landlords with this process, our HMO Application service offers comprehensive support in acquiring the appropriate licences.


The Borough of Southwark presents diverse opportunities for HMO landlords, from high-demand areas near Central London to upcoming neighbourhoods further south. By focusing on locations with high tenant demand and ensuring compliance with licensing requirements, investors can achieve substantial returns. Understanding the specific dynamics of each area within Southwark will be crucial in making informed investment decisions that align with market demands and regulatory conditions.

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