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The Perfect Tenant

We rent your property from you, acting as the best tenant you could ever wish for; a reliable, hassle-free option for a peaceful tenancy.

HMO Lettings and Rent Collect

Fully Managed

From tenant issues to maintenance and legalities, we handle it all. Sit back and receive your rent each month, hassle-free.

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Embrace a New Standard

Over 98% of landlords renew with us. Most describe our service as a ‘no-brainer’ – no fees, handling all issues, quarterly property reports and no voids.

A Personalized Service

No Voids

Eliminate the concern of void periods and interrupted cash flow. We guarantee that your rent is paid every month, securing a reliable income stream, ensuring you never lose out financially due to property vacancies.

Dedicated Personal Touch

Navigate away from the impersonality of traditional high street agents. Your property will be managed personally by our Managing Director, ensuring continuity, familiarity, and a single point of contact who comprehensively understands your property and needs.

No Fees

Tired of paying agents up to 15% of your rental income? Let us rent your property and you’ll never pay letting agent fees again.

No Fees

Tired of paying agents up to 15% of your rental income? Let us rent your property and you’ll never pay letting agent fees again.

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Full Market
Rent Paid

We will pay the advertised amount on Rightmove or Zoopla. No below-market offers – we make our margin from our clients, not by undercutting our landlords.

Our Partnership With You

Pre-Tenancy Preparation

We furnish, deep clean, secure the HMO licence, and fund all compliance-related works, at no cost to you. With the HMO licence in our name, we shoulder the full burden of compliance, alleviating you any responsibility and costs.

Demanding High Standards

Enjoy the assurance that your property will always be in exceptional condition. We maintain your investment in top-notch state to meet our client’s high standards. This ensures that your property will be consistently well cared for and fully maintained at all times.

Guaranteed Rent Security

Our client’s rent payments are backed by the UK’s largest rent guarantee insurance provider, which underwrites over £1.30 billion in rental income nationwide.

Guaranteed Rent Security

Our client’s rent payments are backed by the UK’s largest rent guarantee insurance provider, which underwrites over £1.30 billion in rental income nationwide.

Limited Availability

We only rent specific types of properties and a limited number of properties per year. This ensures the highest quality service for our landlords and clients. Secure your spot among our esteemed landlords and enjoy the benefits of our exceptional service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have a 'Sole Agency' agreement with my letting agent, so sadly I can't work with you.

Actually, you certainly can work with us! We aren’t operating as an additional letting agent, but rather, we will be your tenant. This means your ‘Sole Agency’ clause remains unviolated. To add to this, we don’t make use of mainstream property platforms like Rightmove or Zoopla, nor do we place a letting board outside your property.

Most landlords simply convey to their current agent that they’ll be withdrawing their property from the market. This process is straightforward and doesn’t infringe on any agreements you have in place with your existing agent.

What is a relocation agent?

We act as a relocation agency which is a company that provides a service to organisations that tend to hire people who are starting a job in a new city. One of the issues organisations face when hiring these people; is where will they stay during their first six months or first year.

One option of course is for the organisation to pay for them to stay in a hotel. This is not only expensive, but is also not much fun for the employee. We provide a solution. Organisations pay us premium rent to house their employee or contractor for a minimum of 6 months. In return we provide good accommodation, fully furnished, in a good location and pay all the bills – so it’s hassle free for everyone.

I have never done a company let before, how does it work?

It is very simple – we, the company, are your tenant. It is just like a ‘fully managed’ service from a letting agent. The difference however, is that our service does not cost you money, it saves you money.

What are the benefits of renting to you rather than a normal tenant?

Renting to us has several advantages over renting to a standard tenant:

• Long-term tenancy (5 years+), with no voids, agent fees, or hassle
• Quarterly property reports with up-to-date internal pictures
• Free furnishing, deep cleaning, and light maintenance before the tenancy begins

Why would companies pay you premium rent?

We operate mainly within the banking sector where there is a war for talent, therefore companies need to offer premium salaries and incentives, such as covering accommodation costs for the first year of employment and so on.

These companies engage with us for a couple of key reasons. First, to relieve their employees of the stress and confusion often associated with finding a new home, particularly in a new city or country. Second, to ensure their employees can focus on their new role from day one, without the distraction of house hunting or settling into an unfamiliar area.

Who are your tenants?

Our tenants are predominantly professionals from the banking sector. These individuals are often newcomers to London, brought in by their companies which seek to provide a smooth transition for their employees.

We are entrusted to provide housing for these employees during their initial 6 months to 1 year of employment because of our extensive local knowledge, superior service, and the wide range of high-quality properties in our portfolio. We understand the unique needs and demands of these tenants, and we strive to make their transition as seamless as possible.

Do I have to wait for you to find tenants before you start paying me rent?

No. We will start paying you your rent the date our contract starts with you.

How long will your tenants stay?

Our tenant’s sign a minimum 12 month contract, however on average our tenants tend to stay for over 1 year. We do not do short term lets like on Airbnb.

How about a HMO Licence?

Should your property require an HMO licence, we will bear the cost of obtaining it, along with any accompanying expenses that may surface during this procedure. This may include upgrading safety measures related to fire safety upgrades or improved electrics. We boasts extensive experience and expertise in managing HMO’s. We have held HMO licences in the following London boroughs; Lewisham, Greenwich, Southwark, Merton, Wandsworth, and Lambeth.

What if one of your tenants moves out?

If one of our tenants moves out, or even if your property is empty, we will still pay you the rent in full, on time, every month not matter what.

What if you have a problem tenant, will they become my problem?

No! Firstly we have never had any problem tenants; secondly if we did, they would be our problem – not yours. You would still receive all your rent money each month on time.

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