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Peckham, located in South East London, is fast becoming a hot spot for young professionals looking for a place to live. Known for its lively and varied community, Peckham offers a unique blend of art, culture, and entertainment that draws in a young, creative crowd.

One of the main reasons for Peckham’s growing popularity is its reputation as the new Shoreditch. The area has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with a proliferation of trendy bars, restaurants, and independent shops popping up all over the area. This has given Peckham a unique and exciting vibe that is increasingly attracting young professionals looking for a house share.

HMO Peckham

Nightlife, Peckham

Another reason that Peckham is an attractive area for young professionals is its excellent transport links. It is served by several bus routes and the London Overground, which makes it easy for residents to get to and from work. Additionally, Peckham Rye station is just a short ride away from London Bridge and Victoria, making it an ideal location for professionals who work in central London.

The demand for rooms to rent in Peckham is also on the rise, with young professionals looking for affordable and convenient options. A House of multiple occupancy (HMO) property in Peckham is a great investment.

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Peckham Festival

Overall, Peckham offers a unique blend of urban living and community spirit that is increasingly appealing to young professionals. With a growing reputation as the new ‘place to be’, a vibrant and diverse community, excellent transport links and increasing demand for rental properties, Peckham is an ideal area to consider for those looking to invest in a HMO property.

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