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At HMO Letting Agent, we’re specialists in navigating the intricacies of converting traditional homes into high-yielding Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). One particularly rewarding project involved the transformation of a five-bedroom family home into a six-bedroom HMO, overcoming a variety of challenges to deliver a high-performing property. 

Addressing Structural Challenges

This project presented us with several physical obstacles that needed to be addressed. The most pressing concern was a leaky roof that posed both a safety risk and a potential inconvenience to future tenants. We promptly addressed this, ensuring the roof was fully repaired and made watertight.

Fire Safety Implementations

Fire safety is a paramount concern for us at HMO Letting Agent. As standard practice in our conversions, we installed fire doors throughout this property and implemented an emergency lighting system. As an added safety enhancement, we undertook the necessary work to fireproof the area under the stairs. This area, particularly susceptible in case of a fire, was given special attention to provide extra peace of mind for our future tenants. These comprehensive measures show our commitment to rigorous safety standards and regulatory compliance in HMO conversions.

Innovation in Room Allocation

We also reconfigured one of the larger rooms, partitioning it to create an additional, sixth bedroom. By doing so, we optimised the use of space without compromising the comfort and privacy of the residents, increasing the potential rental income from the property.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges

However, this project wasn’t without its regulatory challenges. The local council flagged a potential issue with the location of the boiler, citing fire safety concerns. We responded by commissioning an independent fire risk assessment. The report did not recommend moving the boiler, reinforcing our belief that it was safely located. Armed with this evidence, we communicated with the council, who ultimately agreed with our stance.

Enhancing Safety Features

In response to safety requirements and our drive to ensure a secure environment for tenants, we installed window restrictors on all windows. This served to enhance the security of the property, giving peace of mind to the council and tenant alike.

Achieving Licensing and High Rental Returns

After overcoming these obstacles and completing the conversion, we obtained the necessary HMO licence. We were then able to let the property, achieving a monthly rent close to £5000.

This project exemplifies HMO Letting Agent’s ability to confront and overcome challenges in converting properties into safe, comfortable and high-performing HMOs, offering significant returns for property owners and quality living spaces for tenants.

If you are looking to convert your property into a HMO, feel free to contact us or find out more on our dedicated page; HMO Conversion.


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