Borough of Lewisham

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The Borough of Lewisham stands out as a prime location for seasoned HMO landlords seeking to expand or refine their portfolios. Located just south-east of Central London, Lewisham provides strategic advantages that can significantly impact the success of your investments. This guide explores why purchasing or converting properties into HMOs in Lewisham is a worthwhile venture, particularly focusing on the burgeoning market of young professionals and the direct transport links to London’s key areas

Strategic Location and Transport Links

Lewisham’s strategic position close to Central London is bolstered by its excellent transport links. The borough offers excellent transport links, including trains, buses, and soon, the extension of the Bakerloo line. This connectivity not only makes Lewisham a convenient choice for commuters but also enhances the desirability of properties for potential tenants, ensuring low void periods. Young professionals are particularly drawn to areas like New Cross and Brockley because they are in Zone 2 and offer direct links to Canada Water, facilitating easy access to the Jubilee line and London hotspots like Shoreditch High Street. Meanwhile, Deptford and Lewisham town center are highly sought after by young professionals due to their direct connections into Canary Wharf, making them ideal locales for HMO investment

Tenant Demographics

The primary demographic in Lewisham includes a mix of students and young professionals. New Cross benefits from its student population, thanks to the presence of Goldsmiths, University of London, contributing to a lively and youthful local atmosphere. This area, along with Brockley, attracts young professionals who appreciate the quick and convenient transport options to key areas of London.

Borough of Lewisham

Borough of Lewisham

Investment and Development Potential

With significant redevelopment in Lewisham town centre, the area has become increasingly desirable, reflecting in rising property values and rental demand. The investment in local infrastructure and amenities enhances the appeal for young professionals seeking both lifestyle and convenience, offering landlords potential for higher rental yields.

Planning Regulations and Support

Navigating local planning regulations is essential, particularly as the entire borough is subject to an Article 4 direction. This requires that landlords obtain planning permission when converting properties into HMOs. For those looking to explore these opportunities, our HMO planning permission service offers essential guidance and support to streamline the process. 

Recommended Areas for Investment

  • Deptford: Renowned for its vibrant arts scene and young professional community, Deptford presents dynamic rental demand.
  • Brockley: A favorite among students and young professionals for its lifestyle and transport links to Shoreditch and other central locations.
  • New Cross: Popular for its bustling student life and growing number of young professionals, New Cross offers vibrant nightlife and a strong community feel.
  • Crofton Park: Increasingly popular among young professionals due to its residential appeal with a high end high street.


Lewisham offers compelling reasons for HMO investment, particularly for targeting young professionals. Its strategic location, coupled with a strong transport network and a vibrant demographic, provides a solid foundation for generating substantial returns. By focusing on key areas such as Deptford, Brockley, New Cross, and Crofton Park, and by effectively navigating planning permissions with professional support, landlords can capitalize on the ongoing demand and enhance their investment portfolio.

If you’re an HMO landlord in Lewisham or thinking about investing in HMO properties, partner with us to maximise your investment. Check out our HMO management page to see how our expertise can help optimise your returns and streamline property management. Ready to take the next step? Contact us at 0208 191 2080.

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