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We specialise in transforming residential properties into fully licensed HMOs that provide lucrative returns to property owners. One of our success stories is the conversion of a 4-bedroom family home into a high-performing 6-bedroom HMO.

Maximising Space and Adding Value

Our mission began with maximising space and adding value wherever possible. We converted the downstairs double reception room into two spacious bedrooms. We also constructed an en-suite in one of the rooms, carefully ensuring both spaces met Lewisham council’s minimum size and ventilation requirements. This strategic use of space added considerable appeal and value to the property.

Navigating Building Requirements

The property’s layout allowed us to repurpose the reception rooms as bedrooms. The kitchen met the minimum size requirement for a kitchen-diner, eliminating the need for a separate lounge and providing more space for bedrooms. Upon inspection, Lewisham council questioned the lack of a separate lounge. We clarified that, as per national size requirements for communal spaces, we had sufficiently met the standards, thus avoiding the need for an additional lounge area.

Balancing Fire Safety and Aesthetics

Fire safety regulations necessitated the installation of fire doors throughout the property. Keeping the aesthetics of the house in mind, we chose Victorian-style fire doors that aligned with the property’s original character, ensuring safety didn’t compromise style. 

Overcoming Challenges with Creative Solutions

Our most significant challenge involved a small upstairs bedroom, measuring less than the 6.52m2 required by HMO regulations. Our solution involved knocking down a non-load-bearing internal wall and moving it further into the corridor. This clever modification increased the room size, ensuring it met regulations without impacting the overall layout of the property.

Achieving Success from Conversion to Letting

After overcoming these challenges and obtaining the HMO licence, we successfully let the property, achieving an impressive gross rent of over £5000 per month. This conversion showcases how HMO Letting Agent can transform a standard family home into a profitable HMO investment.

This case study encapsulates HMO Letting Agent’s commitment to solving challenges, delivering high-quality HMO conversions, and creating profitable investments for property owners. We are committed to creating comfortable, high-performing homes that offer significant returns.

If you are looking to convert your property into a HMO, feel free to contact us or find out more on our dedicated page; HMO Conversion.

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