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Our expertise lies in transforming residential properties into high-yielding, fully licensed Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). One such project was the conversion of a 4-bedroom property into a luxurious 6-bedroom HMO, where we showcased our problem-solving skills and commitment to delivering high-quality results.


Challenge 1: Overcoming Electrical Faults

The project started with us addressing some underlying electrical faults in the property. Prioritizing safety and functionality, our team of professional electricians undertook a thorough electrical overhaul, ensuring the entire system met stringent safety standards.

Challenge 2: Ensuring Fire Safety with Door Installations

The original property lacked the necessary number of fire doors for an HMO. Knowing their vital role in preventing the spread of fire and smoke, we sourced and installed additional fire doors that blended seamlessly with the existing aesthetics of the house, thus ensuring safety without disrupting the visual consistency of the property.

Challenge 3: Fireproofing Glass Interiors

Another hurdle was the internal glass areas, which needed an upgrade to meet fire safety regulations. We transformed these areas into fire-resistant glass, enhancing safety while maintaining the visual charm of the property.

Challenge 4: Maximising Space with Soundproofing

To make the transition from a 4-bedroom to a 6-bedroom HMO, we had to optimise the available space creatively. We constructed a stud wall in the downstairs double reception room using soundproof plasterboard. This helped to reduce noise transmission between the rooms, ensuring a peaceful living environment.

Challenge 5: Navigating Council Regulations

An unexpected challenge came up when the Lambeth council questioned the new bedroom we built downstairs. Their concern was based on the fact that the escape route from this bedroom was via the lounge or the garden. However, by referencing the Lacors guide, we demonstrated that the layout was both safe and compliant, allowing us to retain this valuable bedroom space.

Creating a Luxurious HMO: Licensing, Letting, and Managing

After overcoming these challenges, we were successful in obtaining the 6-bed HMO licence. But we didn’t stop there. The end result was a high-end HMO featuring large bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, and four stylish bathrooms. The size and luxury of the rooms comfortably surpassed HMO requirements. 

The proof of our successful conversion was not just in the aesthetics, but also in the financial return it provided. We were able to let and manage this luxurious HMO, achieving an impressive gross rent of over £5500 per calendar month.

This case study serves as a testament to HMO Letting Agent’s commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. We take pride in converting properties into beautiful homes that also stand as lucrative investments for property owners.

If you are looking to convert your property into a HMO, feel free to contact us or find out more on our dedicated page; HMO Conversion.


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