Crafting a HMO Tenant Information Pack

HMO Licence Application Necessity

In certain boroughs, local councils have made it mandatory for landlords applying for an HMO licence to include a Tenant Information Pack as part of their application. This requirement ensures that tenants are adequately informed about the property they will be residing in, their rights, responsibilities, and the terms of their tenancy.

Many HMO landlords reach out to us, requesting assistance in assembling Tenant Information Packs for their HMO licence applications. Recognizing the demand for this expertise, we offer a tailored service to create these packs. Our approach ensures compliance with the specific standards of each borough’s council, facilitating a smoother licence application process.

Key Components of a Tenant Information Pack

Cover Page: Include the title “Tenant Information Pack”, the property address, and your name as the landlord or property manager.

Introduction Section: Introduce the purpose of the pack and provide your full contact details for easy reference.

Property Overview: Detail the specific characteristics of the HMO, including the number of units, shared facilities, and any unique features of the property.

Terms of Tenancy: Even though tenants have individual tenancy agreements, summarizing key terms, like rent payment schedules and tenancy duration, helps reinforce important information.

House Rules: Clearly outline the house rules. This can include policies on noise, visitors, smoking, pet ownership, and use of communal areas. Emphasize the importance of respecting shared spaces and maintaining a harmonious living environment.

Safety Information: Provide comprehensive safety information, including fire safety procedures, location of fire exits, and emergency contact numbers. Also, include guidelines for reporting safety concerns.

Maintenance and Repairs: Outline the process for reporting maintenance issues. Specify how and when tenants should report problems and the typical response times they can expect.

Rubbish Disposal and Recycling: Detail the local council’s rubbish disposal and recycling schedules and rules. Include information on separating waste and the disposal of bulky items.

Local Amenities and Services: Offer a list of local amenities such as shops, hospitals, public transport links, and emergency services. This is particularly helpful for new tenants who may be unfamiliar with the area.

Complaints Procedure: Clearly explain how tenants can raise complaints, particularly in relation to issues like anti-social behavior or maintenance concerns.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Highlight important legal information, including gas safety certification, electrical safety checks, and energy performance certificates. Explain their significance for tenant safety and legal compliance.

Acknowledgment Page: Include a section at the end where tenants can acknowledge they have received and understood the contents of the pack.


An effective Tenant Information Pack is more than just a compliance tool; it’s pivotal in fostering a well-organized and harmonious living environment. It sets clear expectations and guidelines, helping to prevent misunderstandings and disputes among tenants and between tenants and management. The pack serves as a go-to reference for tenants, outlining their rights, responsibilities, and the protocols for various scenarios in the HMO.

Regular updates to the pack are crucial. These updates should reflect any changes in local council regulations, alterations in property management policies, or shifts in legal requirements. Staying current ensures that the information remains relevant and that both landlords and tenants are aware of any new obligations or procedures. This proactive approach not only maintains legal compliance but also contributes to a well-informed and smoothly run housing arrangement.

If you need a Tenant Information Pack tailored to your specific needs and in line with current regulations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Carl Evans

Written By Carl Evans

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