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South London HMO Experts: A Decade of Proven Success

“Since 2013, we have let over 3,000 HMO rooms, primarily in South London, catering to young professionals from some of London’s most renowned companies. We are committed to exceeding our landlords’ expectations by minimizing void periods and maximising rental yields, utilising our extensive database and experience.”

Carl Evans, Managing Director

Attracting the Best Tenants with
Data-Driven Expertise

Our decade-long experience and data insights are key in attracting ideal Millennials and Generation Z tenants. We understand what drives their choices—from digital engagement to lifestyle needs. This understanding enables us to tailor our services to meet their exact preferences, ensuring a seamless fit between tenant and property.

Financially Responsible Individuals: We find tenants who are not just timely with rent but also financially prudent and reliable, ensuring consistent cash flow for landlords.

Stable, Committed Tenants: Our approach attracts tenants seeking long-term accommodation, offering landlords reduced turnover and longer, more stable rental periods.

Respectful and Mindful: The tenants we select are those who treat their living spaces with care and consideration, preserving the property’s condition and value.

Open and Honest Communicators: Prioritising tenants who value clear, respectful communication, we foster positive, transparent relationships between landlords and tenants.

Sociable and Compatible Co-Habitants: In HMO settings, we emphasise the importance of interpersonal compatibility, ensuring tenants can coexist harmoniously and contribute to a positive shared living environment.

HMO Lettings London

See How We Can Help You…

For over a decade, we’ve witnessed many landlords make crucial errors while finding their own tenants. Common issues include:

Using outdated tenancy agreements.

Not providing mandatory documents to tenants.

Not getting tenant signatures on mandatory documents.

Not protecting deposits within 30 days.

Failing to conduct reference checks on tenants.

Inadequate assessment of tenant affordability.

Letting tenants lead viewings without landlord presence.

Failing to complete an inventory at move-in.

Neglecting the check-out process.

…and much more

Making these mistakes can lead to various challenges, including:

unlicensed HMO Cannot Evict Tenants

Unable to Evict Tenants

HMO Rent Repayment Order

Financial Issues

HMO Criminal Prosecution

Legal Issues

HMO fine of £30,000

Unable to Deduct Deposit

unlicensed HMO Cannot Evict Tenants

Inability to Increase Rent

Why Let Room by Room?

Increased Income

HMO’s that are rented by the room, where the tenants are on individual tenancies, make more income.

Reduced Voids

All individuals won’t vacate your property at the same time, there will always be rental income.

Less Hassle

HMO’s rented to groups of friends tend to attract anti-social behaviour such as parties. Individually room rented HMO’s reduce this risk.

We Let Room by Room to Maximise Your Yield

Most letting agents won’t entertain the idea of letting your HMO room by room. They will just upload your property to Rightmove or Zoopla as they don’t know how to effectively market HMOs. We do.

What Does The Tenant Set Up Service Include:

Experience a hassle-free letting process with our Tenant Setup Service. We expertly manage every step, from effective property advertising to the final key handover, ensuring a smooth transition for both landlords and tenants.

Advertising the property

Conducting both physical and virtual viewings
Rent negotiation
Drafting and finalising the tenancy agreement
Collection of deposit and initial month’s rent
Protecting the deposit
Obtaining tenants signature to confirm receipt of mandatory documents
Serving the prescribed information

Tenant key handover

HMO Lettings London

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HMO House Rules for Tenants

If you are moving into a house in multiple occupation (HMO) for the first time, it is essential to be aware of your responsibilities as a tenant. These rules are put in place to ensure the safe and efficient management of the HMO, and to make sure that everyone who lives there can enjoy a comfortable and secure living…

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