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HMO Fire Doors London

Supplying and fitting HMO-compliant fire doors in London since 2013, we understand the nuances of HMO regulations. Using only materials fully compliant with HMO standards, contact us today to supply and fit your HMO fire doors.

Our Story

In the past, relying on external contractors for HMO Fire Doors led to inconsistency. Different contractors, who may have experience in commercial fire door installations but not experts at HMO-specific requirements, had varying interpretations of legislation, used different installation techniques, and sometimes provided the wrong materials, leading to unforeseen expenses and corrective actions later on.

Recognising the need for HMO fire doors specialists in London, we decided to bring the process in-house. By sourcing our own materials, we ensure compliance with national HMO regulations, and our dedicated team guarantees expert door installations.

Our Mission

To provide HMOs with top-quality fire doors, prioritising safety and functionality. Our services are designed not just to meet, but to exceed the strict HMO fire safety regulations, enhancing the safety standards in multi-tenant dwellings.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for landlords securing their HMO licences. We envision a city where HMO landlords have a trusted partner in us, ensuring each door, its furniture, and fitting surpass all standards, assuring both safety and excellence.

Decade of Experience

With over 10 years in the field, we’ve been proudly installing HMO fire doors across London, elevating the HMO standards in the capital. Our dedication ensures that landlords uphold the pinnacle of safety for their tenants.

Top-Grade Materials

From doors, hinges, to door closers, every component we employ is chosen with meticulous care and adheres to the highest HMO fire safety regulations. Our commitment ensures that every installation not only looks great, but also meets rigorous HMO fire safety standards.

Expert Installations

Our team of trained HMO fire door specialists brings precision to every installation. With a decade in the field and rigorous training, we guarantee each fitting meets HMO requirements and fire safety standards.

Materials We Supply

FD30 Fire Doors

Tested to BS 476: Part 22: 1987, our doors achieve a fire resistance of 30 minutes. Each door is crafted to meet HMO safety standards.

Strips & Smoke Seals

Every door we install comes with compliant intumescent strips and smoke seals, meeting BS 476-22 standards.


Fire-Rated Hinges

Each door is equipped with three 1-hour fire-rated ball bearing hinges, in strict compliance with BS EN 1935:2002 standards.

Self-Closing Mechanisms

Consistent with BS EN 1154:1997, our doors feature a self-closing mechanism, a pivotal element in preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Exit Features

Safety remains paramount. Bedroom doors get thumb-turn locks ensuring quick, keyless exits – vital for fast emergency evacuations.


Door Stops

Our Redwood door stops offer 30-min fire resistance, a vital component for enhancing the fire safety of any door installation.

Areas We Cover

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Gibbon Road, Southwark Borough

Ellerdale Street, Lewisham Borough

Conington Road, Greenwich Borough

Wolfington Road, Lambeth Borough

Clonmore Street, Wandsworth Borough

Ridge Road, Merton Borough

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