Borough of Greenwich

HMO Investment Guide

The Borough of Greenwich presents a rich landscape for HMO investors, with its blend of historic significance, thriving academic institutions, and vibrant urban centres. This guide provides insights into Greenwich’s prime locations for HMO investments, particularly focusing on areas that attract students and young professionals, while addressing the essential regulatory considerations for converting properties into HMOs.

Strategic Location and Transport Links

Situated along the Thames, Greenwich is renowned for its maritime history and easy access to London’s financial districts through robust transport networks, including the DLR and Southeastern Rail services. The new Elizabeth Line further boosts the borough’s connectivity, making it an even more attractive location for commuters.

Prime Areas for HMO Investment

  • Greenwich Town Centre: As the cultural and historical heart of the borough, the area is popular among students and young professionals who are drawn to its vibrant lifestyle and proximity to the University of Greenwich.
  • Deptford: Celebrated for its artistic community and lively market, Deptford offers affordable housing options and is a favourite among young creatives and students.
  • Charlton: is seeing a surge in interest from HMO investors due to its recent redevelopment, including new shopping facilities and an array of dining options. Well-connected with excellent transport links, Charlton offers a quieter suburban feel that appeals to young professionals and students alike.


Borough of Greenwich

Borough of Greenwich

Tenant Demographics

The tenant pool in Greenwich primarily includes students from local universities like the University of Greenwich, and professionals employed in nearby Canary Wharf and the City of London. This mix ensures consistent demand for rental properties, especially those offering shared living arrangements.

Licensing and Regulatory Framework

Investing in HMOs in Greenwich involves navigating specific regulatory requirements. Greenwich enforces an Article 4 direction, necessitating planning permission for the conversion of family homes into HMOs. For landlords, securing the right permissions is crucial and can be facilitated by our HMO Planning Permission Service, designed to streamline the application process..

Development and Regeneration

Ongoing developments in areas like the Greenwich Peninsula are transforming the local landscape, with substantial investments into new housing and commercial projects. This regeneration not only revitalizes the area but also potentially increases property values and rental demand, creating lucrative opportunities for HMO investors.


Greenwich’s combination of historical appeal, academic presence, and continuous urban development creates a fertile environment for HMO investments. By targeting areas such as Greenwich Town Centre, Deptford, and Charlton, and navigating the necessary planning permissions with professional assistance, investors can effectively tap into a steady rental market driven by a diverse tenant base.

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