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Since 2013, we have let and managed over 3,000 HMO rooms across South London, Zones 1-3, offering a personalised service designed to maximise your HMO’s potential.

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We understand that being an HMO landlord can be complex, time-consuming and stressful

Finding compatible tenants

Collecting multiple rents per property

Regular fire safety checks Waste disposal duties

HMO Licensing

Constant changing HMO regulations.

Enhanced fire safety requirements

Minimum Room Sizes

Additional legal obligations Maintenance issues

Multiple tenant renewals per property

In-house tenant disputes

...and much more

HMO Management Agent in South London: A Decade of Proven Success. Speak with Agent Now.

As an HMO landlord you have a duty of care, breach of that duty and you are guilty by omission

If you do not take into account all statutory instruments 2006 no.372 and your local borough’s HMO and licensing rules, you may be susceptible to:

HMO fine of £30,000

A fine of £30,000

HMO Criminal Prosecution

Criminal Prosecution

HMO Rent Repayment Order

Rent Repayment Order

unlicensed HMO Cannot Evict Tenants

Unable to Evict Tenants

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Challenges we help with.


I have a single room in my HMO that I need to let, no agent will help, can you?


My tenants are breaking HMO fire safety regulations, what can I do?


A tenant phoned me and is furious that someone ate their cheese! What should I say?


My tenants are leaving the heating on, it is costing me a fortune, how can I put a stop to this?


Two of my tenants really do not get along, what are my options?


A HMO officer from the council visited my property and has told me I need to make changes, do I have to?


I am converting a house into a HMO, can you help?


My neighbour keeps complaining about my HMO tenants, I do not have the time for this, can you help?


Is it best to have all tenants on one AST or on multiple ASTs?


What kind of property gives the best type of return for a HMO?


How much should I be paying for bills per month for my HMO?


Most of my tenants work from home, they want me to upgrade the internet, should I?

Our Services

ServiceTenant Set-UpSet-Up & Rent CollectFully Managed
Rental ValuationYesYesYes
Professionally MarketedYesYesYes
Accompanied ViewingsYesYesYes
Offers Negotiated and AgreedYesYesYes
First Months’ Rent & Deposit CollectedYesYesYes
Process initial fundsYesYesYes
Tenancy Agreements and ExecutionYesYesYes
Collection of Monthly RentxYesYes
Rent ReviewsxYesYes
Registration of DepositsxxYes
Serve prescribed informationxxYes
Serve Mandatory Documents*xxYes
Advice on Landlord legal obligationsxxYes
Communication with TenantsxxYes
Repairs and ReplacementsxxYes
Property InspectionsxxYes
Other Services
Photographic inventory check-in
Photographic inventory check-out
Keybox supply and fit
HMO Fire Doors Supply and Fit
HMO Planning Permission 
HMO Fire Safety Instructions
HMO Licensing application
HMO Licensing property inspection with local council
HMO Tenant Information Pack
Fire Risk Assessment 
Smoke / heat Alarm Fitting
Emergency Lighting System certificate
Fire Detection Warning System certificate 
Consultation Service (phone / zoom)
Energy Performance Certificate
Gas Safety Certificate
Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report (DEICR)
Gas boiler service
Portable Appliance Test
Rent Guarantee + legal cover
One off Cleaning
Empty Property Management
Installation of Smart Thermostat
Sourcing best comparable energy provider
Energy provider set-up
Sourcing best comparable internet provider
Internet provider set-up
Procuring furniture/white goods
Court Attendance
Legionella Risk Assessment
Furnishing Service