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Since 2013, we have let and managed over 3,000 HMO rooms across South London, Zones 1-3, offering a personalised service designed to maximise your HMO’s potential.

HMO Property Management London

Over the last decade, we have successfully converted 100+ family homes into lucrative, compliant HMOs across London. Our extensive experience has equipped us with invaluable insight and expertise to offer a range of services.

Whether you need assistance with HMO licencing, HMO lettings, HMO Planning Permission, HMO Fire Doors, HMO Property Management in London or a combination of these, we are ready to tailor our offerings to suit your specific needs.

HMO Letting Agent South London

HMO Property Services

We will let and manage your HMO, advise on legal obligations, handle maintenance, and conduct inspections.

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We’ll let your HMO, conduct viewings, negotiate the rent, collect 1st month’s rent & deposit, and execute tenancy agreements.

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We can apply for and secure your HMO license, assist with license renewals, and help with any licensing issues.

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We specialise in pre and full planning for C3 to C4 property conversions, boasting a high acceptance rate.

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We supply and fit HMO-compliant fire doors, ensuring each installation meets the strict HMO standards with top-grade materials.

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We provide expert HMO property sourcing, aiming for high-value investments with strong return potential for our clients.

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From Frustration to Satisfaction: How Carl Transformed Our HMO Experience

After two years of dealing with a large letting agency that provided subpar property management for our HMO, we were beyond frustrated. We practically had to manage the property ourselves, all while paying the management fee to the agency. The property management call center was located up North, and they suffered from high staff turnover. This meant that no one took ownership of maintenance issues, and everything was passed around like a hot potato. Response times for maintenance were painfully slow, and inspections were conducted by disinterested branch staff who simply ticked boxes and passed the buck to head office. Then, we met Carl…
Carl was a breath of fresh air, and the complete opposite of our previous experience. He brought a personal touch to property management that we hadn’t seen before. Not only is he an HMO expert, but he genuinely cares about the properties he manages and the people he works with. Carl is attentive, responsive, and takes ownership of any issues that arise. His hands-on approach has made all the difference, transforming our HMO experience into a positive one.
If you’re looking for a letting agent who prioritizes customer service and truly understands the intricacies of managing HMOs, look no further than HMO Letting Agent!

Yesenia Calderia

HMO Letting Agent: The Go-To Choice for HMO Landlords in the Area

HMO Letting Agent is the only agency in the area that focuses only on HMO management and lettings, therefore I highly recommend them to any HMO landlord.
Jorge Rusailh

HMO LA have been extremely helpful and attentive, making sure that everything is running smoothly. The house is well-maintained and has everything a young professional needs.
Kasia Kaczmarczyk

From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: How HMO Letting Agent Transformed My Property with Expertise and Efficiency

When I decided to convert my property into a HMO, I was overwhelmed. However, HMO Letting Agent guided me through every step, from converting the property to getting the license, then letting and managing the property.
Super knowledgeable and on point. Their contractors did the conversion quickly, we got the licence, after a bit of back and forth with the council, they then filled all the rooms quickly.
They know HMOs inside and out.

Dilimfobis Efobi

Exceeding Expectations: Unmatched Service and Solid Results with HMO Letting Agent, As Praised by Ijeoma A and Shummus Shah

I have been working with HMO Letting Agent for some time now and I am extremely impressed with the level of service they provide. The team, led by Carl, are professional and always go above and beyond to ensure my HMO properties are well-maintained and compliant with all HMO regulations.
Ijeoma A


I have been using HMO Letting Agent for two of my London HMOs. Solid rent increases this year and they made re-licensing an easy hand free process, dealing with the council. Always a personal touch dealing with Carl. Good stuff.
Shummus Shah

Seamless Management and Exceptional Care: My Success Story with HMO Letting Agent for Two Properties

I’ve had a great experience working with HMO Letting Agent for my two HMO properties. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and prompt communication make them stand out. They quickly took over the management from a previous agency, seamlessly ensuring a smooth transition for me and my tenants.
I recently had a fridge broke down in one of my properties. They promptly arranged for a replacement and handled the situation with minimal disruption.
I highly recommend them to any HMO landlord.

Chris Moore

Expertise and Efficiency in Action: Shivali Rani and Rick F Share Their Success Stories with HMO Letting Agent

HMO Letting Agent are experts in HMOs and it helps they know the right people at the council to reach out to. They’ve been instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of managing tenant relationships in house shares, and my relationship with them! Their room-by-room rental service sets them apart from other agencies in the area. I cant recommend them highly enough!
Shivali Rani


As the landlord of a large HMO in London, I’ve been quite impressed with HMO Letting Agent. They’ve shown remarkable efficiency and attentiveness. They managed to sort out the internet range in the property, addressing a major concern for the tenants. Additionally, their handling of energy costs has been notably effective. Overall, their service has been exceptional so far.
Rick F

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Addressing Internet Issues in HMOs

In the world of modern housing, Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) present a unique set of challenges and opportunities for landlords and tenants alike. Among these, providing reliable and efficient internet access stands out as a critical aspect of tenant satisfaction and property management. In today’s digital age, where seamless connectivity is not just a luxury but a necessity, the role of the HMO landlord or manager extends…

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